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Terrestrial usecases

The following are the Usecases the terrestrial working group discussed during the July 2007 REAP Requirements Workshop. The group also conducted some informal ranking of these. First, usescases were given a 1-3 importance ranking, with 1 being most important. Second, of those cases ranked 1, group members voted for a few they felt were most important or should be implemented first.

Usecase Name Importance Number Votes
Archive a complete end to end run ("publication ready archive") 1 5
Tutorial or Wizard for wrapping external programs 1 4
Detached Execution 1 4
Actor for Data-Merge for specific product 1 2
Manage a group of model runs 1 1
Workflows need to accommodate sub-workflows that operate at different frequencies 1 1
Event Notification Monitoring system 1
Easily create and share workflows and actors 1
Improve component search. 1
Improved error messages. 1
Smart Reruns 2
Optional archiving of intermediate derived datasets. 2
Database actor option: Snapshot? 2
Actor specific annotations (gui linked) 2
Integrate database actors 2
Search through workflow for a certain type of actor 2
FakeData Generator Actor(s) 2
Breakpoints 2
Debugging 2
Disable actors 2
Different workflow view 3
facilitate peer review process 3
Use Kepler as a teaching tool 3
Ecological Actors 3
3d plots 3
Markov Chain Monte Carlo (mcmc) 3
Iterator wrapper actor

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