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Conference Call Notes 20070321

Mar 21, 2007
Participants: Jones, Altintas, Cornillon, Seabloom, Schildhauer, Gallagher, Potter,

Hiring update

  • UCSB software engineer to start on April 23
  • Other than UCD this will bring us to full personnel complement

Development update

  • Altintas
    • Met with Peter Shin about NEON
    • NEON is getting data from RBNB, feeding to relational DB
    • Working on Kepler classes and actors for accessing RBNB streams
    • TODO: summarize RBNB API and contrast to Antelope API on Wiki (Ilkay)

  • Potter
    • Hasn't yet started on the data model comparison, digesting ptolemy, will start soon

Workshop planning update

  • Have candidate lists for both terrestrial and oceanography case studies
  • TODO: Formalize the participant invitation list (Mark/Eric/Peter)
  • TODO: Draft an invitation letter (Mark/Eric/Peter)
  • TODO: Draft a workshop description on the wiki (Mark/Eric/Peter)

Next conf call

Wed Apr 4, 2007 10am PST

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