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Conference Call Notes 20070807

June 13, 2007
Participants: Jones, Barseghian, Gallagher, Potter, Altintas, Cornillon

Developer update

  • Nathan finished actor that reads opendap data, all data in one complex data type
    • memory problems with even a moderate opendap dataset
    • need to focus on the optimizations now -- matrix optimizations needed (e.g., for 2d array of int, long, double)
    • probably 2 new types needed in Kepler
      • Grid type
      • N-dimensional arrays with optimized storage
    • next step to change actor to add dynamic ports based on the type, so that the ports can reflect the structure of the source
  • Ilkay
    • Matlab actor, using the code from Zhang at the workshop
    • Still really need Matlab actor to be as robust as the R actor
      • Ilkay will write up a list of Matlab actor issues and requirements
        • Only supports passing input variables -- need output too
        • graphical output needed too
        • issue with Matlab being local or remote (command line versus ssh)
        • should we support octave? probably a good idea
  • Derik
    • hardware for the terrestrial use case -- setup a few days
    • CR Basic code to write to PC will take a bit
    • then move on to CR Basic to RBNB -- not sure if there is existing code for this -- need to search
    • may be able to use other languages over serial directly
      • probably still need to use CR Basic to configure the sensors

Workshop debrief

  • Terrestrial usecases
    • on the wiki
  • Ocean usecases
    • will be on the wiki

Next conference call: Aug 15, 10am pacific time

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