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Conference Call Notes 20070822

Aug 15, 2007
Participants: Gallagher, Potter, Higgins, Barseghian, Rueda, Ludaescher, Podhorszki, Altintas, Jones

  • Barseghian: simple DatToRBNB program -- currently parses and pushes Loggernet produced datafile into RBNB as data channels, and pulls it back out.
    • todo: further DatToRBNB development (eg archive to disk, generalization, cleanup, option to work in daemon mode, or at specified intervals), reorder terrestrial usecases on wiki, send status update to Eric S. and Eric G.

  • Altintas: working on being able to open Matlab from an actor, but x11 display issues. Looking at being able to use Matlab mapping toolkit.
    • todo: try Zhang's scripts, post oceanographic usecases and find and link similarities to terrestrial usecases and requirements on wiki.

  • Potter: waiting on feedback from Cornillion (on vacation). Working on understanding current mapping shortcoming, incl. memory concerns with current type mapping. Maybe make use of Kepler's matrix type for efficiency?
    • todo: Cornillion feedback, maybe get some feedback from Thomas, work with Altintas to identify and use some representative opendap datasets in a workflow. Email Ludaescher et al data model discussion.

  • Rueda: Has been working with streaming data, different source at different rates. Has developed monitoring feedback icons that show status of a running workflow.
    • todo: get CVS access w/ Ilkay, consider checking code into Kepler, making it a standard feature, discuss future REAP role w/ Ludäscher for next week's call

  • Ludaescher: Cross project work to generalize Kepler's data model?

  • Jones/Potter/Gallagher: opendap data discovery and querying discussion. Cataloging opendap servers? Level of interactivity? Use of FilterUI or html actor (to access opendap query form)?

  • Gallagher: Consider existing ODC (opendap data connector) for querying, and other uses.

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