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Conference Call Notes 20071121

Nov 21, 2007
Participants: Barseghian, Cornillon, Crawl, Gallagher, Higgins, Jones, Potter, Rueda

  • Barseghian - installed SAS, SOS, WNS -- still learning and working out some problems with 52north implementations.

  • Rueda
    • Looking at TML (TransducerML).
    • Working on comparison of EML w/ SWE offerings.

  • Potter - gui development for OPeNDAP actor, checkbox tree - selection subsetting tool.

  • Cornillon - working on detailed usecase right now, will email out to list.

  • Jones
    • Gallagher's email re: Milestones - we need to take usecases and develop a set of functional requirements that these imply for the software stacks we're using.
    • This first year should focus on design, planning and prototypes, so that next summer we can have another workshop to evaluate and receive feedback.

  • Todo
    • Barseghian
      • email out to terrestrial group to obtain detailed functional requirements
      • obtain details on and upgrade terrestrial metacat in future
    • Cornillion
      • Email out detailed usecase

  • Next week's call to revisit planning topic.

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