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Conference Call Notes 20080116

Jan 16, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Gallagher, Graham, Hosseini, Jones, Potter, Schildhauer

  • REAP Meeting
    • Current idea: UCSD, March 24-27, 2008 (travel 24th, leave afternoon or eve of 27th)
    • Tentative plan:
      • 1st half) devs work with domain scientists to further implementations of workflows and gui designs
      • 2nd half) devs break off and code, while domain scientists continue the above with e.g. Matt and/or Mark
    • Goals:
      • discuss and progress on datasource actors, rbnb link
      • progress on usecase workflows
      • brainstorm session on Engineering View (monitor and control of sensors and sensor networks)

  • Jones
    • bear in mind we have budget for smaller ad-hoc meetings too
    • marratech teleconferencing software an option we've been trialing (video, whiteboard) (link to come)

  • OPeNDAP discovery and subsetting discussion
    • Potter explains his work so far. Should I proceed?
    • Discussion. Consensus: yes.
    • Hosseini: Nodes of different types differentiated in some way, instructions apparent in one of the panes.
    • Cornillion: I'd like geospatial and temporal searching; try to reuse existing search motifs.
    • Cornillion, Potter to iterate on this interface, and then send to group for review. Get an OPeNDAP datasource actor working in this manner, a second pass for consolidation with other datasource actors can then be done.
    • Jones: How to subset and use large number of datasources?
      • Cornillion: check how ODC let's you subset, it does it nicely.

  • Ocean workflow
    • Schildhauer: should we also try to implement Huai-Min Zhang's code and Podesta's code in Kepler?
      • Cornillion: this would be a great start.

  • Matlab actor discussion
    • Altintas/Crawl: Matlab issues not resolved yet-- doesn't take output and serialize it back into Kepler.
      • not resolved, but is a high on todo list. Will likely try to use Ptolemy version of this actor.
    • Jones: keeping eg Matlab session open across a workflow speeds things up but violates workflow system assumptions (actor independence). Must be aware of this if we make it an option (like the R actor), can run into problems with e.g. distributed computing and PN director which uses threads.
    • Altintas: hopefully finish this in a month.

  • Todo
    • Altintas and Barseghian - work with domain scientists to progress on initial workflows before San Diego
    • Crawl - enter and maintain a bug on Matlab actor
    • Potter and Cornillion - continue work on OPeNDAP UI, send to group for review

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