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Conference Call Notes 20080130

Jan 30, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Graham, Jones, Ludäscher, Potter, Schildhauer

  • ODC & Kepler prototype
    • Dan Crawl has created a prototype for using the OPeNDAP Data Connector from within Kepler
    • Launches from within the OPeNDAP actor
    • Dan will post his code and instructions for trying it out to REAP and Kepler wikis
    • Matt: would be nice to demo this to a variety of ocean and terrestrial OPeNDAP users to illicit opinion
    • Matt: once everyone looks at it, discuss ODC vs Kepler search features
    • James: would like to see if ODC could be split up and refactored so the middle part uses a server's metadata wrt presenting data to the user.

  • PAR R programs workflow sent by Seabloom and Hosseini
    • 1) simulate some data 2) clean it 3) fit to a regression model 4) stub to run a simulation model
    • Barseghian to begin making this into a Kepler workflow

  • Notes from meeting w/ SDSC RBNB group
    • RBNB => postgres driver in progress
    • Seabird16 plus => RBNB driver in progress

  • Todo:
    • Buy your tickets if you plan on attending the UCSD meeting!

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