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Conference Call Notes 20080611

Jun 11, 2008
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Hosseini, Jones, Potter, Tao

  • dev tasks 1,2,3 discussion
    • crawl opendap servers. get xml out of the servers, push it into a test metacat.
    • nathan talk w/ jing when it comes to insertion
    • crawler is in perl, probably use metacat perl interface
    • if we do #1, we don't have to do #3
    • use metacat 1.8.1

  • map ui discussion
    • james will look into this, ui mockup
    • derik check with shaun and send new map tech links to james for additional consideration

  • getting DAS fields from opendap actor
    • output via single port with a record token

  • parviez par-data workflow
    • have a call after svn: derik eric parviez
    • parviez: documentation for director choosing, documentation that shows how to do same task but with different directors

  • sst workflow
    • tried to create db schema in hsql, but no support for arrays (v1.7.2)
    • could either convert to strings or see if hsql 1.8 supports arrays

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