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Conference Call Notes 20080827

Aug 27, 2008
Participants: Barseghian, Gallagher, Hosseini, Jones, Schildhauer, Schultz, Wang

  • EIM Paper
    • Version with stubs for extension is checked in. James will start working w/ Nathan on the OPeNDAP parts.
    • Need to change paper to be more evaluative of our work instead of broadly descriptive.

  • EIM Poster
    • Almost done, Dan will send out for review

  • TPAC crawler
    • James decided to use this, has code
    • need to look into what kind of docs it produces and how to interact w/ Metacat

  • NCEAS developers Jing and Aaron to join REAP next week

  • Peter will email out about what times are good to meet w/ Mark, Ilkay, Dan

  • Derik email out to get new time for weekly meeting

  • HJ Andrews - not planning to deploy here at this time. Probably McLaughlin instead.

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