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Conference Call Notes 20090323

Mar 23, 2009
Participants: This may be wrong: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Hosseini, Jones, Schildhauer, Schultz, Wang

  • Jianwu: no need for Parviez's help w/ dist usecase at the moment

  • Peter: longer term planning for ocean usecase, and leadership?
    • Matt: TODO: need to make sure our work satisfies your and your colleagues needs for the class of problems that our usecase typifies. Tools have to be general enough for you to use for this type of work.

  • Peter: in France for 6 weeks. New special ocean-usecase telecon?
    • TODO: setup this call for peter, james, dan, matt, ilkay. Thurs morn 9am PT?

  • Ilkay: also gone starting Friday

  • Dan: updates to Provenance - toolbar configuration button almost done

  • Matt: we have funding for another workshop, we should begin planning.

  • TODO: next call, discuss Engineering View

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