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Conference Call Notes 20090713

Jul 13, 2009
Participants: Barseghian, Bowers, Crawl, Gallagher, Hosseini, Ludaescher, Riddle, Wang

  • parviez - marratech 'chipmunks' problem, restarting doesn't help. barseghian - reported (this is 3rd time, peter and james both had this issue before) to thomas and ron.

  • barseghian - working on highlighting failed runs in WRM, finish delete from provenance code, working on EI paper revision.

  • ludaescher - what signifies a failure? Many different definitions. barseghian - get everyone to start using Throw Model Error?
    • supriya off for the summer, but hope work on aggregation will continue in future
    • engineering view? barseghian - not yet started, crawl finishing off some provenance issues

  • riddle - working on tagging, could use some testers now. Tags being saved in moml.

  • tags discussion
    • any named object can be tagged.
    • wrm will be able to register with tagging so users can tag runs. Put tags column back in the future so we can search them.
    • TODO shawn to coordinate with aaron re: annotation and saving into library problems
    • TODO tagging team to check with christopher re: a system-wide selection listener for tagging everything

  • wang - presented distributed usecase reap paper at ICWS in LA. Some other groups also using Kepler.
    • ideas for extending distributed execution beyond embarassingly parallel computation.

  • gallagher - getting ready for a new release of the server, a plug-in module that existing users can just drop in to use. This will enable some of the EML stuff discussed previously.

  • discussion of search interfaces. Where should search for e.g. OPeNDAP and DataTurbine go? No registries to search. Data tab vs in the actor vs specialized data search actor.
    • TODO discuss further.

  • TODO look over terrestrial usecases, update with Status

  • bowers - will we present our work to usecase creators? barseghian - original plan was for a final REAP meeting where we do this with the original group, TODO check with matt

  • Bertram will arrange next week's meeting.

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