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Conference Call Notes 20091123

Nov 23, 2009
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Gallagher, Jones, Ludäscher, Riddle, Wang

  • Cornillon: discussion. will get programs to jianwu et al after Dec 7

  • Barseghian: update. will pick a time w/ Sean for UI feedback on tagging/wrm

  • Riddle: tagging UI basically finished now

  • Crawl: Jones: do we need a more abstract API between Kepler and SPAN? Crawl: it looks like we'll be able to use SPAN API

  • Jianwu: mapreduce and kepler+hadoop discussion. will give devlunch talk on this.

  • Altintas: interviewing candidates

  • Jones: after the holidays we need a concrete plan for end of year.

  • Ludascher:
    • Supriya has created a streaming aggregation actor, and modified the growing degree days workflow to use it. Workflows like this one can be simplified using this actor.
    • Quinn put some effort into using DT w/ COMET but ran into some issues

  • Jones: it's important everyone check that everything required to release modules is incorporated in code base as we prepare for 2.0 release

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