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Conference Call Notes 20100621

Jun 21 2010
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Jones, Riddle, Staggs, Wang

  • barseghian
    • continuing work on multiple workflow run managers within one kepler instance, and making functions work when a WRM is connected to remote store.

  • discussion of credentials: currently server side kepler uses a single user, we should fix this so individual users can schedule and server side will execute scheduled workflow as this user. Scheduler and server-side kepler should be able to use the same account creds. TODO: plan this out and file bugs

  • crawl
    • interfaces to query span host, get metadata, and create an eng view workflow.
    • wrote simulator to simulate data coming from SPAN, uses random number generator currently.
    • wrote program to take data from SPAN and put it into DataTurbine, and prog to mirror from cmd line
    • TODO come up w/ timeframe projection w/ derik for how long things will take

  • jones: it would be good to put interface layers between Kepler and SPAN, for data and control - a new box in the GPP box that represents interface.
    • dan can you make a list of methods Kepler will need for this interface?
    • TODO turn on time estimates in bugzilla

  • riddle
    • cont. work on component library gui customization; a sensor view model type. should be able to check in today or tommorow.

  • jianwu
    • trying to release master-slave w/ 2.0. Some scripts need to be changed to account for having 2.0 in the module name

  • manish
    • cont work on data from DT => metacat. Need to figure out what metadata will have in or alongside DT with which to build EML that will be inserted into metacat. Will talk w/ Dan.

  • debi
    • working on release and reporting 2.0

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