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Conference Call Notes 20101025

Oct 18 2010
Participants: Altintas, Anand, Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Gallagher, Jones, Riddle, Tao

  • james
    • presented info about crawling at Earth Science Data Systems Work Group meeting.
    • Discussions there wrt iso 19105, SMAP, CF (Climate Forecast) metadata
    • want to start crawling other servers to get a feel for sizes
    • we should push forwards on discovery (e.g. within Kepler work) and do some server crawls (and any necessary related work) in the background
      • need to start writing aggregations
    • peter: can we integrate your discovery stuff w/ Fronts workflow?

  • dan
    • need to finish a few more sensor site bugs
    • then create screencast of how this works, then
    • demo to seabloom

  • jing
    • installed wf run engine and scheduler on KeplerDev server. derik tested, works.
    • working on a multi-threading issue with the kepler gui
    • security: we can disallow anon user scheduling, but we still have sandbox concerns to look into.
    • derik: possible enhancement: option to filter out everything but unique workflows in left components area.

  • derik
    • no longer planning to add WRM to scheduler dialog, instead just add a dropdown menu for choosing repo above the existing WRM
    • post mockup

  • sean
    • working on tagging bugs
    • need to go through plotting bugs
    • talk with derik re: Reporting and Sensor View

  • ilkay
    • had meeting with peter last week, discussed dist. computing techniques, master-slave maps well to his usecase
    • matt: intersection of dist. computing techniques? optimally we want minimal configuration and workflow modification
      • jianwu looking into parallel patterns in Kepler, this takes away background configuration. discuss further next time w/ jianwu
    • matt: run master-slave past parviez and get his feedback on usability

  • derik
    • are nightly builds all that's holding up move to 1.6?
    • check with chad about changing builds.
    • find stats to estimate how many people may be in os X 10.5 on 32bit macs
    • leadership team to discuss

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