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Conference Call Notes 20110228

Feb 28 2010
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Jones, Potter, Tao

  • james
    • java code almost ready for release

  • nathan
    • getting back to writing ecogrid metacat queries

  • jing
    • dataturbine to metacat workflow
      • creates valid sensorML and can upload to MetaCat
      • have changed to using HSQLD instead of MySQL
      • fixed bug with duplicate data upload
      • new bug: some data doesn't upload at all

  • derik
    • testing SPAN / scripts / sensor-view, and filing bugs
    • testing Kepler 2.2 RCs
    • talked w/ Manish about Provenance Browser. file bug: allow WRM context menu to be extended, allow Provenance Browser to be invoked from a run

  • Provenance Browser discussion
    • dan: plan to put trace files into provenance now. sean wrote a tool for creating comad trace from provenance DB data.
    • derik file a bug to then include these traces in run-kars.

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