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Conference Call Notes 20110321

Mar 21 2010
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Gallagher, Jones, Potter, Tao

  • jing
    • working on DT=>metacat workflow
      • fixed: wf wouldn't archive anything if no metadata change since last run
      • added mechanism to compare metadata from sensor to see if it's changed since last run
      • cleaned up workflow using composites
      • added some top level parameters
      • TODO test against real SPAN server
      • TODO matt: is archiving easy enough for a new user? is it possible to easily select specific sensors for archiving?

  • nathan
    • working on advanced search
      • able to make queries and get results, found and discussed w/ ben metacat limitations
        • temporal queries not supported by metacat. Matt: Ben has added support, but not yet in deployed metacats.
      • current approach has some long term scalability issues
      • now need to work on results browser, and integrate with kepler. dealing w/ some Swing issues.
      • currently querying based on spatial and temporal resolution doesn't work -- info not in EML. James will help with this
      • Matt: give us feedback on if you think the EML schema (spatialRaster) needs to be relaxed wrt resolution. For now can use additionalMetadata. It can point at individual entities.

  • peter
    • jianwu sent new version of Front workflow last week, I'm going to test it locally, and then master-slave.

  • matt
    • annual report, I'll be emailing asking for paragraphs and publications

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