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Conference Call Notes 20110131

Jan 31 2010
Participants: Barseghian, Cornillon, Gallagher, Jones, Potter, Riddle, Tao

  • peter
    • waiting to hear back from jianwu, jianwu has an intermittent problem on his side, this is hard to replicate.
    • i will be a signficant user of this workflow when complete

  • sean
    • budget issue, this may be my last call
    • matt: I will email bertram
    • two fixes that use overrides. discussion.
    • TODO update bugs with current status

  • jing
    • authentication search bug fixed. need to patch kepler library
    • helped user setup workflow run engine, jianwu and i updated wiki doc
    • some wf engine client code updates
    • looking at sensorML. oxygen and xmlspy say the schema is valid, xerces 2.7 says it isn't.
      • TODO try 2.11 xerces. possibly try saxon instead, ndp recommends saxon.
    • wrt manish's DT=>MetaCat workflow, todo: 1) schema issue 2) mysql issues - change to storing vals in plain text

  • nathan
    • we need to query the opendap docs in metacat via ecogrid now.
    • TODO talk w/ jing for examples of how to query, esp wrt using numerical constraints

  • derik
    • change to kepler's components search to always use authenticated search
    • some improvements wrt authentication exception handling and user error messages
    • few wrm and reporting improvements
    • going to ask feedback on WRM gui change
    • TODO create reporting 2.2 target, add bugs, prep for release
    • TODO talk w/ matt about SPAN work, create bugs

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