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Conference Call Notes 20101220

Dec 20 2010
Participants: Anand, Barseghian, Gallagher, Tao

  • derik & jing:
    • derik - WRM discussion
    • jing- problem determining director using entityId value. soln: also use derivedFrom

  • manish
    • worked w/ Jing to create valid eml. Will join Jan3 call, and should complete work that week.
    • tasks left:
      • #5223 - should be quick, 30min job.
      • fix #5218, currently problem generating valid sensorML
      • #5216 and #5223 need to be changed from using MySQL to HSQLDB
      • write documentation: prereqs for running the wf, component documentation, link to an example dataset generated using workflow
      • workflow needs to be test run once complete, and datapackage viewed
      • see if components should be added to actor library, documentation added to actors

  • james
    • will discuss search UI w/ derik this week, ndp might start on this soon

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