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Conference Call Notes 20101122

Nov 22 2010
Participants: Altintas, Anand, Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Jones, Riddle

  • peter
    • working w/ jianwu on parallelizing workflow using master-slave

  • sean
    • hope to finish plotting work this week. Anything that plots 2 tuples of numerical data may be plotted now.
    • will need a new task soon.

  • discussion of DataTurbine to Metacat work
    • bertram: re: the email I sent (Transfer sensor data from DataTurbine DT to MetaCat MC), does the workflow determine and and only submit non-overlapping data?
      • ilkay: we will check
      • manish: it's true that trying to archive something already in MC won't go using the workflow
    • ilkay: Manish's last day is Dec 8, planning to complete the DT=>MC work by Dec 10.

  • jianwu
    • working on peter's workflow in master-slave. Also working on a few bugs in master-slave

  • dan
    • have been working on securing SPAN server - authenticating the connection and encryption using ssh. Almost done.
    • plan to work on packaing components (e.g. as an rpm) that run on the SPAN server
    • derik: is there a blocker for showing sensor actors in the tree? sean: I will update a bug explaining how to do this. dan: great, and then i will make the kars

  • derik
    • working on getting WRM (and Reporting suite) to work with remote run-kar repositories.
      • trying to use existing queryable infrastructure as much as possible now
      • more efficient query that doesn't use karXml for building 'preview runs' now done. Downloading kars working.
      • starting work on importing and properly synching, and gui changes wrt 'preview runs' vs imported husk runs

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