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Conference Call Notes 20101010

Oct 11 2010
Participants: Altintas, Anand, Barseghian, Crawl, Jones, Ludaescher, Riddle, Tao

  • Engineering view plans

  1. Kepler Client side (Derik and Sean)
    • Sean will work through mockups and post to Engineering View page to reflect new view of 'Views'
    • some question about how data search works with respect to sensors, sites, and archived data sets

  1. Field deployment side (Dan leads)
    • mostly complete, but need
      • secured access
      • write metadata to DT from SPAN
    • what do we ship? SPAN, plus DT, maybe with an installer of some sort? Maybe a .deb or .rpm file?

  1. Server side (Jing and Manish)
    • need set of .deb packages with dependencies and config steps
    • data archiving wf is designed, need to determine how it will be shipped and configured to point at DT and Metacat (Manish)

  • Major blockers to shipping products
  1. Switching WRM to use KARs rather than provenance DB directly
  2. Authorization and access control

  • Other notes
    • Bertram asks about unifying data source actors, or changing their visual appearance to indicate download status

    • Need feedback on Sean's Plotting design as summarized in the screencast
      • Please send feedback to Sean/REAP via email

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