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Conference Call Notes 20101018

Oct 18 2010
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Ludaescher, Riddle, Tao

  • plotting discussion
    • dan's added a couple bugs to bug#4752 that dan and derik ran into
      • sean: i forgot to check in some classes, checking these in should fix many of these

  • derik - some sensor-view bugs
    • sometimes many NPEs when plotting on my mac and java 1.5
    • importing a sensor site, or opening a saved sensor site (xml or kar) doesn't automatically switch your set of Views to sensor site and plotting
    • sensor actors not in tree in sensor site view
      • dan: the kars haven't been made yet
    • when workflow not running, just going into a config dialog for a sensor actor, and hitting cancel, will change the sensor's color.
    • focus is stolen from user when user is dragging an actor around but the sensor workflow is running (and updating actors progress displays (data point values))
    • can we remove Workflow Scheduler view now that it's in a Tools menu? yes.

  • james update
    • 15 hours to crawl a site, 30mins to crawl it for URLs, 17min to group urls, 1m to generate EML. bottom line: use urls
    • we should attempt the social solution of writing things that describe the aggregations and call people and ask them to put the xml on their servers.
    • will be presenting at 9th Earth Science Data Systems Work Group, will email links to presentation and abstract.

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