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Conference Call Notes 20100628

Jun 28 2010
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Gallagher, Riddle, Wang

  • james
    • have XSLT producing valid EML, have done a crawl of grhsst and can produce EML from many of these. Have some EML questions though
    • crawler is fairly robust now, can survive network crashes, going to run some big crawls this week

  • derik
    • debi's leaving NCEAS, i'm working on remaining Reporting bugs
    • TODO ask david if patching documentation is up to date

  • sean
    • committed multi-tag search to WRM gui, committed a lot of code for engineering view model type this morning

  • dan
    • fixed some bugs in sensor actor and simulator. Icon color now changes based on on and off, and showing timestamp and value from the last read.
    • SPAN folks fixed bug, can now turn sensors on and off, and change sampling rate from Kepler
    • also working on kepler-users question re: 64bit using different libraries for different platforms (64bit)

  • jianwu
    • testing master-slave 2.0, will release after 2.0

  • peter
    • working w/ group about to (aug/sep) reprocess a large number of datasets to regenerate SSTs on a cluster. They're willing/interested to use Kepler to drive this processing, and I'd like to include the edge detection we've been working on as part of it in the post processing if possible.
    • jianwu: send me program details
    • will first work on refactoring fortran code, hope to get back to it in 2 weeks, busy w/ oil spill work

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