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Conference Call Notes 20100111

Jan 11, 2010
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Gallagher, Jones, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • new call time proposal: 12-13PT (Monday)

  • around the room
    • barseghian - refactoring WRM to fix some bugs, some more to do, and change to new KAREntryHandler system w/ Aaron. Also looking at Eng View hardware with Dan, some purchase orders will be ready today.

    • cornillon - working with jianwu - software and sample data transferred to jianwu. Notice a minor difference in results on jianwu's side, possibly due to different fortran compiler.

    • wang
      • going to create a simple static wf first for peter's usecase, and then work on issues for compiling the program within a workflow (currently the programs need to be recompiled for different array sizes).
      • also trying to get master-slave to work in the current configuration, and need to test master-slave with multiple slaves, etc.

    • schultz
      • reworking the KAR stuff to use a new technique for entryHandlers. It's working in the kepler suite but not for wrp, so can't check in yet.

    • riddle
      • looking at engineering view, going to start playing with metacat. Met with derik and dan to discuss. matt: let's talk w/ bertram to see how to divide your time between 2.0 release and engineering view.

    • altintas
      • hired Manish, to start Feb 23 on Engineering View.
      • should we try for another publication, about the engineering view? matt: let's work on it for 3 months and then discuss.

    • crawl - working on Eng View hardware, doing some provenance work (move to new configuration system, fixing some bugs for reporting), working on Kepler database code

    • gallagher - doesn't look like we'll get nathan's time, need to figure out if to hire someone or take on the work myself.

    • jones
      • james and peter, lets meet to discuss.
      • ilkay, we need to meet w/ bertram to discuss budget / possible no-cost extension; see if we can coordinate all devs finishing at the same time
      • derik, check w/ eric if eng view hardware will be useful to him post-reap, and if he'll continue working at McLaughlin
      • I won't make next week, but might be good to discuss how to divide up engineering view work. We may be able to bring Jing and Debi onto REAP at the end of the month.

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