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Conference Call Notes 20100125

Jan 25, 2010
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Ludäscher, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • ludäscher - will check w/ ilkay and matt about meeting tomorrow

  • barseghian - working on 2.0 bugs

  • crawl - building and image and getting java onto gumstix. next is DataTurbine, and testing.

  • gallagher -
    • looking at metacat and postgres.
    • want to get metacat crawling hyrax, reading in xml hyrax spits out. looking at metacat java api
    • could think about tpac crawler, but nathan has written a crawler and it would be nice to use it and keep things simpler/number of different softwares low

  • riddle - working on 2.0 bugs -- actor repository upload tracking bug, and dependencies. trying to get in contact with daigle.

  • schultz - working on 2.0 bugs.

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