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Conference Call Notes 20100301

Mar 01, 2010
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Schildhauer, Schultz, Wang

  • trip to ISI (SPAN)
    • Dan and Derik to visit ISI, setup gumstix with SPAN software, test against our loggers, email out report
    • Mark and Matt to get in contact w/ Terry re: mou

  • Eng View
    • during next REAP meet, let's divide up Engineering View tasks as listed in bugzilla, and shown in architecture diagram at the bottom of this page.
    • invite Manish, Debi, Jing

  • James
    • crawler/metacat discussion.
    • Peter wants to to be able to search on resolution as well.
    • Matt: Debi may be able to help with the search GUI

  • Jianwu
    • have made a new 64bit library for Matlab, waiting to hear from Peter that it works
    • something changed with ecogrid and the master-slave is having compilation issues, working on these bugs

  • no cost extension
    • Matt: filed no cost extension, our end is now May 31st, 2011. MSI to extend subcontacts, if this doesn't happen, let Matt know

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