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Conference Call Notes 20091005

Oct 05, 2009
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Jones, Ludaescher, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • Gallagher: OPeNDAP ocean usecase dataset can now be translated into EML using XSLT, and inserted into a metacat. This is a bit particular to this dataset, but we will work to generalize the process in steps, starting with more ocean usecase datasets.

  • Jones: regarding search, we need a general search interface. This would be better than putting the search in the actor. To begin with we can just do simple text search for OPeNDAP datasets.

  • Riddle: tagging is further along. TODOs:
    • check in recent changes, email requesting people test
    • create usecases for search with Aaron (components pane) and Derik (wrm)
    • talk w/ david to see how far along publishing modules is, can tagging use this system for iterative releases?

  • Crawl: engineering view architecture diagrams discuss. TODO:
    • create API docs based on these diagrams
    • Ilkay suggests sequence diagrams to show we'll use these interfaces to solve our usecases

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