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Conference Call Notes 20091012

Oct 12, 2009
Participants: Barseghian, Gallagher, Jones, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • potential new ocean usecase
    • Jianwu - TODO ask Ilkay to send email with description of potential usecase, and how the required development would benefit REAP.
    • Matt: REAP has a lot to do in remaining time, are the benefits of this new usecase large enough?

  • component search / tags search in components pane and wrm
    • Aaron: will work on gettign search wrapped up, and then move onto wrp suite speed issues
    • Derik - need to implement tags search in wrm/provenance. Will do my best to build ontop of existing search/aaron's work.

  • ocean usecase data search
    • James and Matt will work on a plan and screenshots for how search/search UI/spatial raster searching will work for these datasets
    • James may setup own production metacat for search these datasets with kepler 2.0

  • module publishing
    • Sean - TODO try again to get in contact w/ David, see about status of publishing. We need to determine how we will publish our modules, and try it; we need to try loading our modules at runtime instead of build time

  • distributed computing
    • Jianwu working on mapreduce w/ parviez's usecase, and comparing w/ master-slave
      • TODO: email paper around about mapreduce actor

  • Next call 26th. Discuss potential ocean usecase w/ Ilkay, Peter and Matt

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