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Conference Call Notes 20091109

Nov 09, 2009
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Jones, Ludäscher, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • updates

    • Barseghian
      • Parviez in india, will try Eric for tagging/wrm feedback.
      • tags and errors now (de)serializing properly in runs, now importing errors and tags into provenance
      • still some bugs with tagging and exporting/importing kars.
      • TODO: after a call that Riddle will setup to discuss tagging/WRM UIs among REAP/Kepler people, setup a meeting with scientists (Eric, Jim, Oliver, et al) for their perspective
      • TODO: schedule Wang devlunch

    • Jones
      • tried tagging, had a number of problems with saving and opening. Also UI needs discussion.

    • Schultz
      • working on getting away from moml parsing to speed things up
      • TODO: consolidate and update bugs

    • Wang
      • Master-Slave doesn't work w/ new build system, will fix this
      • Hadoop and mapreduce work also needs to be changed to work w/ new build system. target? post-2.0. Hadoop needs testing on bigger cluster, more functionality needs to be added
      • TODO: send email w/ mapreduce and master-slave bugs
      • TODO: Dec16 devlunch discussing distributed computing

    • Altintas
      • Master-slave before mapreduce. Mapreduce work will be ongoing, let's release that when it's more complete in a couple months

    • discussion of migration scripts that will be needed for schema changes.
      • TODO Altintas or Crawl file a bug for tracking 1.0 => 2.0 hsql schema update

    • Crawl
      • Working on Engineering View Interfaces
      • Looking at Metacat scheduler code

    • Riddle
      • Tagging more than one thing can be really slow, refactoring
      • TODO: setup a call to discuss usability with reap/kepler people.

    • Probably skip next week's call - Matt, Peter, Ilkay away.

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