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Conference Call Notes 20090831

Aug 31, 2009
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Cornillon, Crawl, Gallagher, Jones, Ludaescher, Potter, Riddle, Schultz

Engineering View Discussion

  • Specification -- aka Inspection
    • what are the usage benefits to the user/what is the scenario of use?
      • documents sensor site
      • helps with future design changes
      • enables other use case scenarios (prereq)
    • Design time versus execution-time: design time
    • google earth in gui or external?

    • should allow for a report describing site layout
      • names, locations, communication path, wiring of sensors

    • ability to import/export SensorML -- should be the principal metadata format
    • wiring should not be a tab -- should be a separate window, as its for one sensor
      • probably could put wiring diagram and monitoring info in the 'sensor' window along with the workflows

  • Monitoring
    • should have consistent 'sensor'-oriented view, and
    • when can a QA/QC workflow be run? by the user?
    • the QA/QC window might better dislay a report of the results of the QA runs, etc.
    • the GUI for editing the wf in QA/QC window might be better handled outside of this area, and then 'attach' the resulting workflow to the sensor

    • need to flesh out remote workflow execution framework

  • Analysis
    • need to determine more precisely how data searching for sensors would work
    • aggregate metadata in a Metacat and search the index?
    • or register individual DT servers and use the DT metadata facilities?

  • Control
    • need to differentiate 'Specification' editor from 'control' editor
    • support only on/off, plus sampling rate
    • sensor-specific driver that maps these simple control actions to vendor-specific control programs

  • TODO: crawl - adjust mockups to accommodate today's discussion

  • Round-the-room
    • Bertram - will see about a COMET/REAP meeting w/ Quinn
    • Gallagher - we'll be working on xslt to create eml from ocean usecase datasets

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