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Conference Call Notes 20090921

Sep 21, 2009
Participants: Barseghian, Cornillon, Gallagher, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • USC ISI SPAN project, brief background
    • lower end of sensor stack, very relevant to eng view work.
    • todo: discuss collaboration w/ larger group

  • Around the room
    • Peter: have talked at length w/ Ilkay and Dan about new usecase, need to talk w/ Matt et al to see if fits REAP scope
    • Jianwu: working on hadoop framework w/ parviez's usecae. almost works w/ one machine. will compare hadoop vs master slave
    • Aaron: working through bugs for 2.0 release
    • Sean: wrapping up tagging, though search yet to be done. Will email Dan and Derik with provenance/wrm / search integration needs once determined.
    • James: Nathan has the creation of 2.1.0 eml docs from some OPeNDAP server documents working. Metadata is pulled and parsed from servers, and uses xslt to create eml. Will try to get a test metacat setup this week to populate with these eml docs. Then will begin work on enabling Kepler to search over these.

  • discussion of searching over these new ocean usecase eml datasets
    • edit Kepler's search panel to find these docs, or put search into the actor configuration? need to decide...
    • a map search interface is useful for some datasets, but not all, e.g. those that have world-wide coverage.
    • perhaps more or equally important: need to easily allow for temporal searching.

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