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Conference Call Notes 20090803

Aug 03, 2009
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Cornillon, Ildeniz, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • Engineering View - Plans are posted for discussion, please give us your feedback. (We went over this very briefly on the call today.) Crawl is working on mockups and will post them on that page soon.

  • Ildeniz - New REAP member Merve Ildeniz, will probably focus on Workflow Run Manager and DataTurbine actor.

  • We should coordinate re: DataTurbine actor enhancements to avoid overlap.

  • Ilkay - We've discussed a new Oceanography usecase w/ Peter that may use master-slave and that Jianwu would work on. We'll present it on the next REAP call.

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