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Conference Call Notes 20090817

Aug 17, 2009
Participants: Barseghian, Crawl, Jones, Ludaescher, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • New oceanography usecase
    • Crawl: workflows for edge detection on different SST datasets -- Peter has prexisting code (fortran, matlab, maybe python) for edge detection.
    • Jones: will this contribute enough to REAP to be worthwhile in the remaining time?
    • arguments for: will likely make the Matlab, External Execution and Python actors more robust. Good additional demos to other oceanographers
    • will revisit once we have more details from Peter

  • engineering view mockups
    • Jones: flesh out usecases, add usecases, reorganize page so it's apparent what these proposed features will do to address the needs of usecases, once further along then present to Eric

  • workflow run manager
    • Jones: finish it enough so it's useful and stable for 2.0 release
    • Derik: ok, hopefully just code for dealing with errors
    • possibly run-tagging also, but likely hold off on kar redesign

  • discussion of semantic search / workflow search and browse / aaron's work
    • aaron: component search should still work fine
    • lsids and search need to work for 2.0

  • discussion of tagging
    • working pretty well now, inserts tags into moml like semantic tagging
    • sean will write summary summarizing what's done and left to do, so we can figure out where to draw the line for 2.0

  • distributed computing discussion
    • is master slave ready for 2.0? jainwu: needs another use case. if it works with that, then yes
    • hadoop - working on using hadoop as alternative kepler distributed computing option

  • next week:
    • TODO aaron, derik, sean: synopsis of your work and what needs to be done for 2.0
    • TODO daniel: updates to eng view page, send email for if we should discuss this on next call, or special call
    • TODO jones: discuss hadoop etc w/ jianwu

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