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Conference Call Notes 20090427

REAP call April 27, 2009


Jones, Gallagher, Bowers, Riddle, Schultz, Crawl, Wang

Review of past action items

  • Wang & Crawl - working on SST usecase in dist environment. Matlab actor presenting a problem right now: it has to be initialized for each token.
    • Not an issue to be addressed until performance issues actually surface
  • TODO: Bowers -- will post mockup on Kepler site for tagging system
  • TODO: Jones -- budget for wokshops
  • TODO: Barseghian: Engineering view usecase. Work w/ Seabloom to test McL data. Finish McL deployment. Post about needs for module communication

Ocean use case data discovery

Gallagher presented a review of a data discovery feature for Oceans use case
  • extension of the DAP system, uses NcML for metadata fragments that get converted via XSLT to EML for searching in a central catalog

Round the room

  • no additional issues

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