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Conference Call Notes 20090420

Apr 20, 2009
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Bowers, Crawl, Jones, Riddle, Schultz, Wang

  • Schultz - working on new unique id system. Kar entry handler, modules will be able to use the id to save stuff into kars. New id may be able to replace workflow name field in provenance.

  • Wang & Crawl - working on SST usecase in dist environment. Matlab actor presenting a problem right now: it has to be initialized for each token.
    • TODO: see about a fix.

  • Bowers
    • would be good to stress test provenance (all actors, different workflows, etc).
    • Suggest one place to search for all things - actors, workflows, runs.

  • Bowers and Riddle - will post plan for tagging system on kepler site.
    • TODO: post plan

  • Riddle - trouble getting WRM module to work, will work with Barseghian and Crawl.

  • Barseghian
    • bus for announcing events? REAP or Kepler/CORE? Bowers - suggest not one central bus, but the easier route of each module can listen to others using module appropriate interfaces. Retrofitting and centralizing would be nice but too hard.
    • working on WRM search and gui.
    • TODO: Engineering view usecase. Work w/ Seabloom to test McL data. Finish McL deployment. Post about needs for module communication.
    • Planning for next REAP workshop?

  • Jones
    • TODO: check budget and look into REAP workshop. We should have reporting, provenance, publishing and so forth ready for demonstation.

  • Next week - Gallagher to discuss progress on search for ocean usecase.

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