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Conference Call Notes 20090126

Jan 26, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Bowers, Cornillon, Crawl, Gallagher, Leinfelder, Ludäscher, Jones, Schildhauer, Staggs, Wang

  • Ecological Informatics paper - due Jan 31
    • Peter will try to make his entry this week
    • Matt: paper needs to emphasize the thesis. Explain the reasoning behind the usecases, how they give diverse needs, how we're generalizing and improving Kepler.

  • McLaughlin deployment - Feb 16-20
    • Bertram will check with Quinn about helping at McLaughlin on Thurs Feb 19

  • TPAC, Metacat, EML - James + Matt
    • Matt and James will discuss further

  • Collaboration w/ UCD and COMET. Ideas from UCD:
    • Tabbed pane interface - bug #3669
    • integrate Provenance Browser with Provenance Recorder, support data lineage
    • add data lineage to Reporting work
    • workflows that utilize, or extend the DataTurbine and/or OPeNDAP actors
    • workflow development and web-based components

  • Shawn to join future Reporting/Workflow Run Manager calls, help w/ a plan for a larger pluggable gui framework, how to integrate Provenance Browser, and how to capture data lineage with the Provenance Recorder

  • Distributed usecase
    • Jianwu will make a short description of current status, and talk with Parviez for feedback
    • We'll discuss next call, Feb 9

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