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Conference Call Notes 20090302

===REAP VTC===

March 2, 2009


Matt Jones, Derik Barseghian, Aaron Schultz, Jianwu Wang, Dan Crawl, James Gallagher, Bertram Ludaescher, Shawn Bowers,Mark Schildhauer, Parviez Hosseini

==Agenda and Notes==
0) Davis overview

  • convert provenance API into the UCD format for the provenance browser
  • focus on what is recorded to make it more generic
  • want to keep aligning provenance tools in Kepler
  • want to add some stuff to the reporting subsystem
  • two master's students will working on Data Turbine -- one will switch off, other (Supria) looking at DT + OpenDAP

1) Annual report due again

  • Derik -- overall coordination + UCSB
  • James for OpeNDAP
  • Bertram for UCD
  • Ilkay for UCSD

2) Overview of deliverables

3) Engineering view

  • Daniel and Derik available to work on this
  • Bertram has 'process manager' concept partly implemented
  • should have a larger or more general proxy architecture
  • need to think through design of how remote systems are being reflected in Kepler
  • should do survey of domains in ptolemy to find the ones most related to the engineering view
    • e.g., wireless domain
  • end product is model of deployment to see where there are points of failure
  • Derik will need to estimate time to complete run manager coding effort
  • start with articulation of use case and problems to be solved
  • how far can we push DT into the sensor stack?
  • Derik back to McLaughlin
  • equipment budget for working locally

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