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Conference Call Notes 20081110

Nov 10, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Gallagher, Jones, Ludäscher, Schultz, Wang

  • Moving station to McLaughlin Reserve
    • tentative plan: move station from Baskett to McLaughlin sometime Dec 4-17, or January
    • determine additional needed hardware, email prices
    • determine needed hardware for engineering view for a later, second trip to McL, email prices
    • determine who will help Derik-- Seabloom student, or Davis person? Quinn/COMET?

  • Planning for Engineering view
    • refresher of view
      • ability to find, monitor and control sensor networks.
    • discussion of time allocation to this view, Derik and: maybe Sean and Tim, and/or Dan

  • todos
    • Aaron and Ilkay - a topic for next call: KAR format, ecogrid and repositories
    • Dan and Derik - use bugzilla to track tasks, assess how much time for large tasks, email group
    • Bertram - get details of COMET test bed systems hardware and software (e.g. telemetry gear and dataloggers)
    • Bertram - brainstorm w/ Tim and Sean re: time spent on REAP, possibly on engineering view
    • James - talk w/ Peter to see if we should pursue taking on some pre-processing tasks for e.g. sst data
    • possibly partner w/ Pisco re: automating buoy data

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