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Meeting Notes March 08

Milestones and Tasks

Terrestrial wf

  1. Refactor PAR wf into two wfs (data acquisition, data analysis)
  2. Complete PAR data acquisition wf: reorganize par-data-clean step, replace with generic actors (Elementwise: min, max,; UnivariateDistribution: min, max, range, interquartile range, mean, variance, median, stddev, historgram, densityplot, autocorrelation, partial autocorrelation; bivariate: correlation; statistical model fit: lm, glm, gam; filter actors) (Derik: top priority) bug 3364
  3. Complete PAR data analysis workflow (Derik, Eric, Parviez)
  4. Parviez' workflow model for wrapping a simulation using CommandLineActor -- review annotations and resolve issues (Derik, Daniel) bugs 3363 , 3361 , 3339, 3235
  5. Terr wf -- need to select data based on spatial and temporal bounds
  6. Parameter sweep example workflow (define reqs of param sweep actor, implement actor after checking existing actors and directors) (Ilkay, Chad, Lucas, Parviez)
  7. Review user manual section on Directors and Command Line Exec actor (section 5.5) (Parviez, Daniel)
  8. Example wf pulling data from SensorBase at CENS using WebService actor or DBQuery actor (Eric G, Derik) bug 3365
  9. Take loggernet out of the loop in the hardware demo (buy logger for testing) (Derik, Eric G)
  10. New workflow to create derived data for Met data (e.g., wind chill, dewpoint, etc) (COMPLETED)
  11. Determine how to archive data (e.g., EarthGrid w/ metadata) (Jing, Derik)

SST wf

  1. Generate list of Level 3 SST data URLs (some with with global coverage) to be used in prototyping workflow (Ilkay, Nathan, Peter)
  2. Generate details of computational codes to be used to process the data (flowcharts+?)
  3. Layman version (without technical and scientific buzwords) of the description of the goals for each step and workflow(couple of paragraphs) (April 4th; 1 week) (Ilkay + Mark)
  4. Peter will write up his realization of why this is useful on top of just matlab with a few bullets(April 4th; 1 week) (provenance, chaining what is available, ...) (Peter)
  5. Conceptual workflow with input/output details and placeholders for different computational components (April 9th; 2 weeks) (Ilkay and Dan)
  6. Design the schema and build a relational database for the match up datasets (April 11th; 2 weeks) (Dan and Ilkay) COMPLETED
  7. Recollection of requirements and comments (April 17th; 3 weeks) (Ilkay and everyone on SST)
  8. Working version0 (May 15th; 1.5 months - 4 weeks for implementation) (Ilkay and Dan) COMPLETED
  9. Definition of additional analysis steps (June 1st; 2 months) (Ilkay with input from Peter)
  10. GHRSST Meeting (June 9-13, 2008; France) presentation and demonstration (June 9th; 2 months) (Peter) COMPLETED presentation

Development tasks

  1. Develop a mechanism for choosing a time and space bounded region (Coverage object) and subsetting data using that coverage specification; may be a sampling actor and/or search (when: April 30 who: )
  2. Evaluate map display clients for inclusion in search GUI and GIS display
  3. Develop a GUI for specifying space/time coverage constraints that returns a Coverage object that can be passed to servers for querying. The GUI would include widgets for selecting (possibly discontiguous) space and time windows, possibly providing real-time feedback about number of results
  4. Document OPeNDAP actor, add to tree, remove ODC feature, assign icon, test for release (Nathan (with Kirsten)), (Next week)) COMPLETED
  5. Matlab actor -- prepare for release, get library loading working, remove MatlabExpression version of actor (cretae bug to merge this as a fallback to JNI), make actor use TextArea for script, check documentation, complete test workflows (Daniel, with help from Kirsten, by mid April) (See
  6. Change ProvenanceRecorder to use local hsql db, turned on by default?, possibly output to text format on demand (Daniel, by mid April for Kepler release)
  7. Combine EML and DAP DataSource actors
  8. Create data location actor (finds data and spits out URL)
  9. Add server registration features to OPeNDAP server
  10. Add crawler/metadata indexing to OPeNDAP server
  11. Pass data by-reference in addition to by-value
  12. DataTurbine actor: PortParam bug, change name, gap filling feature (probably separate actor if doing interpolation), only output data on connected ports, assign icon
  13. CSV file reader (check name and documentation (tab, comma, csv should all return actor), ignore headers and footers (check the existing R Read.Table actor)
  14. Add DateTime token type COMPLETED
  15. Add DataFrame token type
  16. Remove External Execution actor from actor list, docs, and maybe code base, and/or maybe consolidate CommandLineExec with External Execution (Daniel) (See COMPLETED
    1. Modify Command Line Exec actor to trap errors so that workflow can continue after error or exception or core dump (Daniel)
    2. Check for bugs in CommandLineExec actor with respect to port names display and copy/paste and cloning operations (Daniel)
    3. Change exit code behavior of Command Line Exec actor (return code from unerlying app, add port for boolean success value (Daniel)
  17. Develop common access interface for DataTurbine, SensorBase, and Antelope (Derik, Eric G/CENS,Matt,Ilkay)
  18. Initiate discussion between CENS/REAP/DataTurbine about commonalities in goals, approach, and interface (Eric G) Ongoing

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