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Conference Call Notes 20080528

May 28, 2008
Participants: Barseghian, Berkley, Cornillon, Crawl, Gallagher, Jones, Tao

  • Ocean usecase / upcoming GHRSST meeting
    • Peter presents on Tues 10th and 12th (?)
    • Attendees will be interested in the validation process
    • Will work with Ilkay and Dan to prepare

  • Development tasks
    • Re: tasks 1,2,3,7,8, James will write a proposal and/or rearchitect this section for next call

  • CENS
    • Derik to follow up w/ cens re: siss

  • Peter:
    • Will come up with example urls, maybe GHRSST ones, tonight
    • i'll be partly funded for reprocessing AVHR datastreams.
    • project starts in July, maybe consider Kepler as a gui for monitoring

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