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Conference Call Notes 20080604

Jun 04, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Jones, Potter, Schildhauer, Schultz, Tao

  • Admin stuff:
    • new NCEAS dev: Aaron Schultz to join REAP Aug1
    • Bertram has recruited a postdoc to join REAP
    • Dan off reap for 1 month: Aug

  • terrestrial - par-data-clean workflow
    • derik: rough draft complete, would like feedback
    • matt - next week i'll try, get conceptual feedback from Parviez and Eric S

  • terrestiral - HosseiniSimulationWorkflow
    • a good non-simplistic simulation workflow for Kepler documentation
    • derik: going thru parviez comments and entering bugs. will review how much work these represent when done.

  • ocean WF update
    • Dan: have 2 wfs that Peter will demo at GHRSST
      • builds matchups, stores in a postrgres db, then uses these for some averaging and std deviation
        • mark: adding more analyses might make kepler more attractive to community
    • Will email out after Peter presents so others can try it
    • Dan: would like to wrap oceanographic toolbox matlab code that gets data
      • pt matlab actor JNI core dumping so didn't use it, will look into this after adding some features to demo wf
      • database discussion: will try hsql in the workflow instead of postgres to make it portable

  • milestones
    • matt: mark milestones complete or enter as bugs in bugzilla and tag with keyword REAP

  • james notes and discussion about dev tasks 1,2,3,7,8
    • 1) creating one or more caches of metadata harvested from OPeNDAP servers - similar to what the KNB provides now
    • 2) mockup and then implement a UI for advanced queries in Kepler
      • do we need bounding polygons? maybe just boxes, verify w/ Peter
      • note KNB server approach, using mapbuilder and geoserver (use firefox)
      • hopefully pick a tool that avoids the issue of boundaries when making bounding boxes (eg with an infinitely wrapping map)
    • 3) support passing those query specifications from the search UI to various backend metadata catalogs, including OPeNDAP
    • james can you pursue this, identify who will work on it.

  • call with CENS SISS on jun10 2pm PT
    • join if interested, matt and derik currently

  • no call on 18th

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