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Conference Call Notes 20080813

Aug 13, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Crawl, Jones, Ludäscher, Potter, Schildhauer, Schultz, Wang

  • barseghian
    • added a provenance class to just write tokens to disk (an attempt at 'intermediate data products'), usefulness debatable, probably won't pursue
    • 'archive end-to-end run' usecase - looking at old smart rerun code as part of the alternative path, trouble getting it to work
    • conclusion: focus on getting 'archive a complete end to end run' done, delay smart rerun for now
    • hoping to move Baskett Slough station to HJ Andrews, discussing with Andrews people
    • todo: email out request for additions to EIM paper, and where these might go

  • crawl
    • ocean usecase, now in one workflow.
    • todo: get peter's input on where we're going with this, and its usefulness
    • general kepler discussion of workflow hierarchical depth and difficulty with keeping track of where one is at. Should, in general, depth be limited to 2 levels?
    • working on EIM sst poster with Ilkay.

  • wang
    • Current use cases:
      • Large Parameter Sweeps and Whole workflow detached execution and monitoring with HosseiniSimulationWorkflow proposed by Parviez Hosseini
      • C Code Porting
      • same workflow, multiple execution with different parameters, remote execution in cluster.
      • more use case needed.

    • todo:
      • post paper of plans for distributed framework
      • Identify and Fix a typical use case for implementation.
      • Detailed design and implementation.

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