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Conference Call Notes 20080312

Mar 12, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Berkley, Cornillon, Crawl, Graham, Hosseini, Jones, Potter, Schildhauer

  • matt's Ocean Sciences talk
    • went well. also identified shortcomings of RBNB, Matlab, R actors.
    • another goal for SD meeting: identify goals for these actors
      • looking into JRI as native bridge to R
      • crawl: pt Matlab actor uses JRI

  • SD Meeting
    • ilkay will put out an agenda soon
    • peter may not arrive Mon night

  • Developer update
    • derik - working on RBNB and Ensemble actors, dealing with data gaps/nils
    • dan - will work on getting pt matlab actor in kepler

  • Annual report is due soon
    • Gather publication info
    • Ilkay will work on it

  • Possible REAP/RBNB actor paper for EIM
    • Derik, Ilkay, Matt...
    • "submission deadline is April 15, 2008, at which point both the abstract and short paper must be uploaded"

  • Chad Berkley and Jing Tao to join REAP between April and May

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