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Conference Call Notes 20080319

Mar 19, 2008
Participants: Barseghian, Berkley, Cornillon, Ludäscher, Potter, Tao

  • Nathan
    • With Crawl will make small amendment to agenda re: ODC and MI demos

  • Peter:
    • 8 Matlab interfaces exist to access particular OPeNDAP datasets, can we wrap these in Kepler?
    • During my presentation should I discuss the differences between my workflow and Huai Min's?

  • Provenance
    • Peter: interested in this topic. My workflow addresses this somewhat by doing statistical comparisons between datasets.
    • Bertram: please let me know what comes out of Kepler Provenance Framework discussion at meeting -- additional needs/requirements

  • Derik:
    • See you next week! Please take a look at the meeting agenda and email any meeting questions/concerns or proposed agenda revisions.

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