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Conference Call Notes 20080213

Feb 13, 2008
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Cornillon, Crawl, Gallagher, Jones, Potter, Schildhauer

  • ODC
    • discussion

  • Dev updates
    • Potter
      • has been working on ODC, will work with Crawl shortly to get his Kepler-related changes checked in
      • will work on seeing if ODC can be separated into logical components that can be used separately

    • Crawl
      • working on ODC/Kepler

    • Barseghian
      • working on PAR workflow (reap/usecases/terrestrial/workflows/PAR_workflow/par-data-workflow.xml)
      • working on RBNB and Ensemble actors in conjunction with Cabled-Seafloor usecase/workflow (reap/usecases/cabled_seafloor/RBNBCabledSeafloor.xml)

    • Altintas
      • will work on putting Huai Min code into a workflow, this is a subset of Peter's usecase
      • working with ORION a bit, workflows for test source

  • Jones: more tasks for March meeting:
    • deal with discovery in Peter's usecase,
    • see where data source actors are at, and if we want to combine/generalize them

  • March meeting misc.
    • Gallagher and Jones to rent a car each so we have 2 for the group.

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