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Conference Call Notes 20071212

Dec 12, 2007
Participants: Barseghian, Cornillon, Crawl, Jones, Rueda

  • Developer check-in
    • Crawl
      • Working on record disassembler w/ template and model parameter
        • Record disassembler done, need to implement OPeNDAP actor side

    • Barseghian
      • Looking at SOS Feeder Framework / sosDB, other groups using SWE eg: CSIRO 1 CSIRO 2
      • Preparing for terrestrial deploy (dec 18)

  • Cornillon
    • Emailed out diagrams to list--detailed expansion of roughly 1/3 of this usecase, Crawl will look at this for implementation.

  • Jones
    • Possible method for implementing Cornillon's workflow: Create a Kepler workflow of empty composites, number the steps, create bugs, then build atomics and composites.

  • Todo
    • Crawl - record disassembler w/ Potter when he's back, start working on Peter's diagrams
    • Rueda & Barseghian - further TML & SWE research, more diagrams of how things can fit together. Talk w/ RBNB folks about SWE.
    • Barseghian - work w/ Seabloom and Parviez on workflow

  • Next call Jan 9

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