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Conference Call Notes 20070815

Aug 15, 2007
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Gallagher, Higgins, Potter

Developer discussion

  • Potter
    • will try to walk Cornillion through getting opendap workflows tested out, and get his feedback
    • once we're further along: get terrestrial users feedback on opendap workflows. How will they be using opendap?

  • Gallagher
    • will help Potter and Cornillion, and also look at opendap workflows

  • Higgins
    • will change nightly build to allow easier access to opendap workflows (so Cornillon and others can avoid cvs)

  • Ilkay
    • currently working on Matlab and Kepler.
    • will ask Chad Berkley about current status of easily plugin-able kar files

  • Barseghian
    • will first write simple java app to feed CR800 data file into RBNB, then look into making this a Kepler actor

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