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Conference Call Notes 20070404

Apr 04, 2007
Participants: Jones, Ludaescher, Seabloom, Cornillon, Hosseini, Gallagher

Sensor net setup

  • EricS, Matt, Tony, EricG had conf call about sensor specs
  • Once ordered, have Derik do initial setup and configuration

Workshop planning update

  • Sounds like the list from Mark's email is good, Eric will refine
  • TODO: Formalize the participant invitation list (Mark/Eric/Peter)
  • TODO: Draft an invitation letter (Mark/Eric/Peter)
  • TODO: Draft a workshop description on the wiki (Mark/Eric/Peter)

Development update

  • Gallagher: Potter looked at data types in Kepler
    • Ptolemy II Design docs
      • a lot of overlap with types in DAP, mapping should be manageable
        • possible issues wiht fixed-point type and function closures
        • nil tokens: should be manageable, but not repesented in DAP
    • Next steps
      • initial design plans for mapping library, set a date
      • examine the current DataSource actors in Kepler to see what can be refactored for a more general-purpose mapping library

UCD Hire

  • still in progress

Next conference call

  • Apr 11, 2007 10:00 am

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