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Conference Call Notes 20070418

Apr 18, 2007
Participants: Jones, Gallagher, Altintas, Graham, Schildhauer, Cornillon, Potter


  • Mark sent out draft documents for the workshop
  • TODO: Send revisions to Mark for integration by end of April 19th
  • Ilkay: "Reap Team" should be a person
  • Peter: be definitive about plans, can always change them later
  • Peter: be succinct
  • Upload to wiki by end of week
  • Ilkay: use "oceanographers and terrestrial ecologists"
  • TODO: Mark, Peter, Eric to finalize the invite list
  • Ilkay: should have someone from ROADNet -- Vernon? -- for the workshop
  • TODO: Mark and Matt to upload edited documents to wiki

Sensor purchases

  • need to make decision on Crossbow motes versus NI CompactRIO
    • Crossbows can be pretty flakey
      • Sevilletta LTER has had problems with them
  • EricG: Onset might be a better option
  • TODO: EricG to send info on datalogger options to Eric S and Matt

Development update

  • Ilkay
    • Looking into RBNB and Antelope docs to determine the access API
    • Been working on a Kepler stream actor to get RBNB from NEON stream testbed
    • Aiming for NEON TDR meeting on April 29
      • Adapting code from Peter Shin @ NEON that had been used for storing data in relational db

  • Nathan
    • data models seem compatible -- looked at the Ptolemy model and there's a reasonable mapping between the types
      • fixed point type probably maps to a float
    • sequence is an ongoing problem
    • have to map grids, but will lose implied semantic information
      • grid is collection of arrays, main array with other arrays that specify, e.g., coordinates in lat and lon
      • need to try to maintain the implied relationship between these 3 arrays to ease processing
    • hasn't figured out how to implement an actor
      • TODO: Nathan work with Ilkay on actor
    • also need to map Common Data Model (CDM) and EML
      • unifies HDF5, NetCDF4, OPeNDAP
      • much of the CDM has to deal with quirks of HDF5 focused on HPC access to data
      • TODO: Nathan develop a more formal mapping between the major data models
    • Peter: suggests Nathan, Peter, James propose a schedule for data model mapping description and implementation in Kepler

Next meeting: May 2, 2007 10:00 am pacific time

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