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Conference Call Notes 20070502

May 02, 2007
Participants: Jones, Gallagher, Barseghian, Higgins, Cornillon, Schildhauer, Ludaescher, Altintas


  • New SW Engineer @UCSB: Derik Barseghian
  • looking towards an existing PhD student to become a postdoc, start this summer


  • NEON prototype update
    • At the PDR today
    • Created actor to get data from RBNB server
      • How to use the data from data efficiently
      • Requires Java 1.5.x APIs, ok because Kepler has transitioned its nightly build to 1.5.x
    • Needs to restrict build.xml to require 1.5, because she uses Java generics
    • Test environment
      • Currently using the NEON/NEES test RBNB server
      • Moving to an RBNB that she runs herself
    • TODO: Ilkay will start to work with Derik to share what she's done


  • Participants
    • list is good
    • add James or Nathan from project so that oceanographic case is better
    • question of whether the microbial observatory community is a good thing to add for the oceanography use case. The microbial ecology folks probably use the oceanography data a lot. Possibly invite for year 2 workshop.
  • Invitations
    • rewritten, sent to us, ready to be sent out
    • need to clear up how much the use cases can be modified
      • really there to clarify functional requirements
  • Wiki
    • currently is an overview document, need a bit more specific information for WS
    • TODO: Matt and Mark need to integrate it into the wiki Meetings page
  • Draft agenda
    • TODO: Matt and Mark to prototype this
  • Use case descriptions/ Requirements/ UI Mockups
    • will be required for the workshop
    • TODO: Formailze use case description, list of requirements (Peter, Eric S)
      • Target draft by 1st of June, final by end of June to have these completed

Paper for JHE

  • TODO: Finish this week, get revisions in today or tomorrow

Next conference call: May 9, 2007 10:00 am pacific time

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