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Conference Call Notes 20070509

May 09, 2007
Participants: Jones, Barseghian, Higgins, Ludaescher, Rueda, Altintas, Gallagher, Schildhauer, Cornillon


  • New postdoc starting Carlos Rueda
  • split with REAP and COMET


  • Invitations need to go out ASAP
    • Emails from Eric, also "signed" by Mark, Matt, Peter
    • Emails from Peter, also "signed" by Mark, Matt, Eric
  • RSVP by 21st, call to follow up if no response by then
  • TODO: Peter and Eric S email invitations today or tomorrow


  • New logos, new content in place
  • Needs additional work and description
  • Should include the proposal information in the wiki use case descriptions

Equipment overview

  • Derik sent email with proposed links, needs approval and questions to be resolved
  • Almost ready to purchase
  • TODO: Eric G and Eric S review the proposed purchases

Next conference call: May 16, 2007 10:00 am pacific time

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